Re: Finished Hawk

Posted by Matt on Aug 26, 2006

Yep, I was the guy from James Island. I thought someone might recognize the pond from the ECCKF.

I did build it with the small 20" cockpit, and I love it! I'm thin and exiting the boat isn't a problem. You do have to slide into and out of it, but I think that is the best way anyway. It is nice to have all that extra deck over your legs. There are more options for putting in nice comfortable knee braces and knee tube, and it is less likely that a hard wave in your lap could pop your skirt loose.

The instructions that come with it are top notch, and since this was my first boat, having everything spelled out step by step was nice. The boat design is one of the nicest I've ever paddled. It is predictable, manuverable and rolls and balance braces nicely. I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks CLC.

Any chance a Hawk SS kit might be in the future?

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