Re: For Sale

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 22, 2006

Hi Greg,

Yes, I am interested in your offer, and I'll discuss it with my wife... But before you sell the yaks... Some thoughts...

* We all run out of steam and that's OK... (Both my wife and I are working 12 - 16 hr days...) It's good to take some time off.

* Could you store the kayaks at a friend's, co-worker's or relative's house for a while until you recharge your batteries?

* This is a wonderful offer and I'm sure that someone will scoop up the boats in a heartbeat... It's just that it would be a shame if you looked back on this in a year and were regretful...

But I'll talk with my wife and see what she thinks...

Hang in there and keep us posted...


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