Re: Move the bulkhead!!!

Posted by Dave houser on Jul 10, 2006

Check the bulkhead location. If you softened the corners of the panels before you stitched them together, the bulkhead may have become too large and the simple solution way back when would have been to move it forward to where it fit. You do not want to move the cockpit forward to accomodate a missplaced bulkhead. Ches'es are known to weathercock (turn in to the wind) and moving the cockpit forward (really the paddler) will make weathercocking worse. I moved my seat and cockpit back 3" from plan location on a Ches 17 standard to make it wind neutral. Fixed skegs, deployable skegs and rudders are popular on so many kayak designs because they are a way to overcome weathercocking. I like a balanced kayak with no moving parts (other than the paddle).

In Response to: My Boat's too long! by Bill Lapcevic on Jul 7, 2006


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