Re: Double vs. Triple

Posted by Sherry on Jul 10, 2006

My husband and I are building the triple, and it's just the two of us (no dogs or kids). We went with the triple because of the size of that big opening in the middle (AKA, the third cockpit) that will allow us to pack a full-size tent, a camp stove, sleeping bags, a cooler, or even a keg (not my idea!) if we so desired. The small hatch covers just don't give that type of loading freedom. We like to do long river trips, with overnight camping between days, and we like to have the gear we need inside the boat. We'd also tried both models out before-hand at the small boat festival down in St. Michael's, Maryland, and found we just really like the way the boat performed - no difference there between the double and the triple. We're in the process now of putting on the second of three deck panels, and so far so good. We hope to have it on the water soon, and I'll come back and give a report when we do. Good luck with your project!

In Response to: Double vs. Triple by Chris J. on Jul 6, 2006



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