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Posted by Kyle T on Jul 10, 2006

We narrowed the bottom panels by removing 1.5 inches from the outside edge following their contour exactly. We then shortened the side panels by removing .75 inches from the top of each. The only trick was marking the panels before they were cut so that we could align them properly after the cutting. We then stitched them together and trimmed the excess off the front and rear of the top panels (when we cut the bottom panels it makes them a hair shorter). It stitched together perfectly fair.

We then had to trim the bulkheads to match. The rest of the boat was built the normal way except that we were careful to plane off as much of the shear clamp as possible and we didnít use nails on the deck. The result was faster, lighter and easier on the arms to paddle because you donít have to reach as far on the narrower beam.


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