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Posted by don on Jul 8, 2006


My tandem has adjustable seats so I have some play there. How about your cooler? Or some other useful form of ballast?

Again, from what I have read on canoe sailing and other small craft sailing, small adjustments in weight (leaning, shifting around slightly) can have a noticeable effect - positively or negatively. What this means is that you may have the CR (leeboard) and CE(sail surface) lined up with each other, but still have some lee or weatherhelm, due to where your load is in the boat. Shifting this around is something you will have to do, no matter what the CE/CR relationship is. Fortunately, that will be easier then cutting and reattaching boat parts...

As far as where on the boat (fore or aft) the akas are attached may have some additional performance impacts on the boat - too far back and boat may be harder to turn and the bow may plow through waves - too far forward and the boat may be quite squirrely and not want to track straight. I still have yet to experience this in my own boat but I am looking forward to finding out...Best I can figure is that you will have to make some modifications/adjustments to fit your particular boat, based upon actual usage. Hope you get to that point!


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