Re: Millcreek 16 Mk2 sail

Posted by don on Jul 8, 2006


"I believe the important factor is where the leeboard ends up in relation to the center of effort on the sail. "

while I can only speak from the knowledge I have from research rather than experience, you are absolutely right with this statement. The sailrig setup is designed to have the mast attached to the front aka so any adjustment of placement of the sailrig on the boat would not influence this.

Apparently, in smaller sail boats, such as yours, the effect of leehelm or weatherhelm can be adjusted by positioning of ballast (you and/or cargo) in the boat (move it forwards or backwards, as well as by lifting the leeboard up, partially (effectively moving back (or to the stern) the Center of lateral resistance you mentioned. Certainly, adding a jib changes the location of the Center of effort forward and would impact the alignment of CE and CR...

I would think (dangerous statement) that the placement of the rig on the boat, forward or backward, would have some impact as well.

Play around with it BEFORE attaching permanently and adjust as needed....or just cut it off and reposition...

Me, I'm building it for a plastic tandem boat and have been scratching my head over both the attachment method question, as well as position on hull question...experimentation and experience ought to provide the answer...or at least I'll learn what NOT to do... :)

Good luck!


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