Millcreek 16 Mk2 sailrig

Posted by Rob on Jul 8, 2006

I have a Mk2 sailrig kit I plan on building for my millcreek 16.5. I have a question about where to position the outriggers on the boat. I believe the important factor is where the leeboard ends up in relation to the center of effort on the sail. I plan on placing the mast at the very front of the cockpit opening. In order to fit the outriggers arround two people I believe I will have to place the front outrigger about 4-6 inches in front of the cockpit opening (this places the back outrigger between the two people on board). If I mount the leeboard to the front outrigger as it shows in the plans this would place the leeboard well forward of the mast and therefore even farther forward of the sail's center of effort.

Am I right to believe this would result in way too much weather helm?

Has anyone place a Mk2 on a millcreek 16 and if so how did you position the outriggers and leeboards?

Did your set up tack and gybe well?

Should I add a jib sail to move the combined sails' center of effort forward? Currently I just have the stock CLC SailRig 55 that came with the kit.

CLC, can I order just the 19 foot jib from the passagemaker sail setup?

Is it short enough to work with the SailRig 55?

Is this too much sail for a two person boat (I can add reef points but don't want to be sailing all the time with the sail's reefed)?




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