Re: Simple as crab cakes

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 7, 2006


Looks fine for a boat factory, but wouldn't it be overkill for a first time homebuilder making only one boat? It seems to me that the amount of time and effort to make what looks like a dozen of those wooden forms would more than cover the time to do it with straps or nails, especially if the builder didn't have power tools. But for a production shop turning out many copies of the same model it looks great. With tooling like that you might be able to turn them out at reasonable labor rates.

BTW, how do you know what radius to cut them for? Since the radius is not actually constant from one end of the boat to the other, and the deck also curves lengthwise, you must have had some way figure the spacing and radii. What'd you do?


In Response to: Simple as crab cakes by BobE on Jul 6, 2006



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