Re: You rang?

Posted by gober on Jul 6, 2006

I donít live any where near that salty water. I am not sure if a trotline and a trout line are the same animal. If so, yea Iíve run a trot line or two on my MC13. Most recently down at Lake LBJ in Texas. I caught about 8 nice catfish over night. I also caught about a four foot alligator gar on it. I found that beast while running the line by myself and at night, I had hell removing it. The MC13 is a great boat to fish and run trotlines from. Its so stable, a big olí kitty wrapped the trotline around a stump, I pulled so hard trying to get it back the trot line snapped the boat didnít even try to flip on me. I grabbed a treble hook and drug the bottom until I snagged the submerged section. That MC is a stable boat; youíll have to make it roll to fall out.


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