drawing conclusions

Posted by LeeG on Jul 6, 2006

You are making the assumption that what you are doing with your hands holding in a couple places is what will happen with the nails/straps holding the edges down every few inches. Two different situations. If you could put it on with two hands you wouldn't need the straps and nails every few inches.

That said make sure the cured glue on the underside the scarfed tip isn't too thick. That's one thing that can contribute to the natural flattening out towards the ends. It's an aesthetic issue any way, look at the Arctic Hawk, it elimates the issue entirely with a flat panel. A friend made a Ch16 where the deck flattened out completely in the last 18" because he didn't try and keep the bend going forward. The mini-deck beam in the bow is supposed to eliminate that natural flattening out but I found out you could get the bend without it. On a Ch16 I put on a damp cloth over the last 2' to make the bend easier and it resulted in the deck arcing above the mini-deck beam without even touching it. The plywood can vary a bit on it's radius and the shape of the bend according to how you bend it and the grain of the wood. This is where the CNC machine accuracy is irrelevant,,it's an oversized deck glued and bent on then trimmed. If you built five Ch16 you could discern slight differences in the decks of those five even though the pieces are all the same dimensions.

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