Footbraces Hardware quest

Posted by Bill on Jul 5, 2006


I'm installing the footbrace studs that are epoxied and glassed to the side of the kayak. These studs allow you to attach the adjustable footbraces with the aluminum rails.

So far so good. the rails fit nicely over the studs now that they are glassed on...and they are glassed on in the right position. There is a small gap between the hull and the bottom of the rail, but I suppose that is to be expected since there is glass and epoxy under it so it doesn't fit exactly flat. But close enough, like several milimeters away.

My question is that it has now come time to attach the rails using the lock nuts and washers provided in the footbrace kit from CLC. It appears that the direction indicate to put the washers on then the lock nuts, but....

1. The washers included look like regular nuts. They screw on to the studs. I've never seen washers like this...or at least never have called them washers.

2. If I use those washers AND the lock nuts, the Lock nuts will only just barely fit on top.

Would it be better to get regular thin washers wide enough to cover the tops of the rails, and then use the lock nuts?

Or am i again missing something?





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