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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 5, 2006

Aye, Rick, and we thank ye kindly sir! Now, how's that synchronized leg-pumping action coming along...?

Mike, I'm just glad to hear you weren't mad at us. :-) As far as the 'stripper' goes, if you're talking about a Shearwater Hybrid, I say you are indeed ready for it! Those hybrids are WAY easier to build than anyone'd think, and that CLC specimen is about as cool looking as they come. I'm never gonna be a "company man" around here, but I'll always be honest. I really think that Shearwater hybrid's a big time winner, a beautiful and exceedingly impressive design.

By the way, I found the Chessy 16 LT to be a wonderfully fun little playboat (remember, I'm used to an 18-foot OI). I'd never paddled one before OkoumeFest, and it turned out to be one of my favorite boats in the whole dang fleet. Tracks well, carves and edges splendidly, and rolls smoothly and readily. Super duper cool boat!

Cheers, Kurt

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