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Posted by Laszlo on Jul 5, 2006

Hey Kurt,

Glad you made it back in one piece. Sorry to take so long answering, but I've been taking a holiday from the keyboard and haven't even looked at this forum since last week. Instead, I finished sanding my wife's kayak (those of you who've seen it at the last 2 O-fests wouldn't recognize it), put a graphite/epoxy coating on the bottom and have it ready to receive its first coat of varnish. I also finished the front deck of my sailing dinghy and have the mast partner and knees all laid out and ready to cut. And for something completely different, I received my new 8" dobsonian telescope, assembled it, got it all collimated and have spent every clear night watching the moon and Jupiter. In between all this were the cookouts, fireworks, etc. Amazing what you can get done without that pesky job thing. Makes me really wonder about those people who retire and then die of boredom in the first year.

Anyway, this isn't putting crabcakes into Kurt's mouth. Which brings me to the difficult part. Kurt, they sell those crabcakes for a living. You know that nobody goes there for the ambience. The only thing that makes them different from a charity food bank is that they have a crabcake so good that people are willing to hand over their hard-earned cash (which otherwise would go into the gas tank, the mortgage, etc.) so that the waitresses will give them plates of crabcakes. So I don't think that I'll have any luck whatsoever getting them to part with the recipe. It's all they have going for them. I can ask, but I think you had better be prepared to think of those things as another once-a-year holiday treat, like fruitcake. It'll give you a reason to come back for O-fest each year.

Alternatively, you could just move here and set yourself up as one of CLC's licensed builders. I can just see it now - a spot of land near the water just high enough to stay dry at high tide during a hurricane, a pop-up camper, a 1000 sq ft workshop with a dozen or so kayaks simultaneously under construction and a sign out front proclaiming "Kurt's Kayak Kreations", with a smaller one underneath saying "Will work for crabcakes".

I'll be heading to CLC later in the week to pick up some supplies. When I do, I'll swing by the Edgewater and give them your piteous story. Who knows, maybe they can pack them raw in dry ice and ship them to you for cooking at your leisure. I won't tell them about your homemade mass spectrometer. :-)


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