Re: Paging Laszlo...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 1, 2006

Heya Rick! Good to hear from you! Yes, I'm definitely interested in the recipe, are you kidding?! Wouldn't mind hearing from you in general, either. Write soon, wouldja?

This guy, for the rest of y'all, is a skilled and adventurous paddler who assisted me in demonstrating rescues at OkoumeFest. It was sure nice, and even indispensible, having his help -- no one else in our Sunday tour group was overly enthusiastic about taking a dunking. Thanks again, Rick!

Joey, it'd sure be great to have a guide for the region, you betcha. The way things worked out on this trip, I just didn't have time to stick around anyway. Instead, I had a rare chance to hook up with an old friend and be guided all over Washington DC, and the major Civil War battlefields, places I've wanted to see forever. Had a blast!

I'm going to try like the dickens to attend OF next year so I can fill in some places I missed this time. And exploring the Chesapeake a little more is a high priority. May even explore all the way down to Florida, and try to scare up George K when I get there. I expect he's pretty busy right now; they're down there working to get the Shuttle going today.

Cheers, Kurt

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