Re: Paging Laszlo...

Posted by Rick on Jul 1, 2006

Now I know I am gonna get some flack from the Chesapeake boys about this but I may have the recipe you are looking for Kurt.Around these parts I am known as the CrabMan because I catch em, steam em, clean em , pick the meat and make some of the best Crab Cakes in Long Island NY. I also sell lots of those puppys, and use the money to build these "wooden bananas". The usall response I get after folks taste em is, "these are the best I have ever tasted", I have even had a couple from the Chesapeake area say the very same thing to me. So let me know if ya wanna try my recipe, and I am glad you had a great trip and it was a pleasure to meet you at Okoume Fest.

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