Re: Kurt Freewald

Posted by CLC on Jun 13, 2006

I spoke with Kurt's sister Audree and shared with her what we of CLC and everyone on the Forum is thinking: what a tragic, awful thing, but at least Kurt was doing what he loved.

We talked a little bit about what happened: Evidently he was scouting for a launch in a snow-and-ice covered spot at Klondike Lake. He had a bad fall and slid unconcious down the bank into the water. (He hadn't unloaded his Chesapeake 16 or any of his gear from his car.) Audree said, "You know, we may never know what happened with Kurt, as the police and the coroner were both at a loss. They finally chalked it up to an accidental drowning."

The takeaway: We lost a boatbuilding friend. Always paddle with a buddy. It's a lot more fun that way, and it might just save your life.

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