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Posted by Camper on Jun 10, 2006

Tim wisely gives the basic principle...if you want the trailer to move more LEFT than it seems to be moving at the moment, then you must raise your LEFT hand on the wheel. Simple, eh? Likewise, if the trailer, as viewed in your mirrors, is moving left WAY TOO FAST, then you must immediately raise your RIGHT hand on the wheel to compensate.

The secondary principle is that, if the trailer, as seen in your mirror, is moving left RIGHT NOW, then it will be moving left MUCH FASTER one moment from now, unless you immediately move your right hand up, and keep it there until a compensatory crisis emerges. (It will.)

The practical principle is as was explained by others. It is this: any error that you are making RIGHT NOW will rapidly become MUCH WORSE, perhaps indeed uncorrectable, in the very blinking of an eye. When this state eventuates, there is no remedy other than changing from Reverse to Forward, irrespective of how much face may be lost in so doing. Next weekend, due to the experience, you will look like a pro to any who were not present last weekend. Your spouse will pretend to be among that awed group of admirers, even if she was in fact a witness to your earlier humiliation.

(This blessed behavior is inborn in the species.)

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