Re: Band Saw

Posted by Charlie on Apr 25, 2006

Bandsaws are handy for general shop use but there is a BIG difference in performance between a low-end cheapie and an $800+ 14" with cast iron frame. Bandsaws have to be kept in adjustment to cut properly. And the heavy framed models will hold their adjustments much longer. Straight cutting is much better if you can get a lot of blade tension. Small saws can't deliver high tension because their frames are to weak. And straight cutting is difficult if your blade guides aren't up to snuff. Woodworkers looking for ultimate performance from their high-end saws usually chuck their factory blade guides and mount special guides that cost between $100-$200. You don't need stuff this good. I only mention it to illustrate wide range of quality that exists in bandsaws. As a rule, the more expensive a saw is the more reliable and the more versatile it will be. And bandsaws of all price ranges need tune-ups at regular intervals.

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