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Posted by J.Schott on Apr 23, 2006

Yeah, it's just like you Texans to highjack a east coast thread! Anyway, I'm bummed that I'm missing the TKKB, it would be nice to see some of the fantastic work I've only seen pictures coming from your neck of the woods. I'm not sure if I could have made the trip anyway, Saturday I think I hit the wall. Between the new job, two weddings (both of which I was in), buying a new boat, Easter and ECCKF, I haven't had a break in over a month. I'm not one to throw in the towel, but I think I was at the edge. Another 1,000 miles might not have been the best idea. Now for the goood news, if you were me. I've just about got this rolling thing down. A little more pratice and I'll be up with the likes of the legendary Kurt. (sorry buddy, I couldn't help myself) My wife took some classes and has discovered what I love about kayking. We caught up with Ed at CLC's booth, demo'd some boats and it looks like a Shearwater 16 hybrid is in our near future. I have to say, The first time I paddled the Shearwater I thought it was ok. This time all I can say is WOW! It does exactly what you ask it to do and will track straight as an arrow. Lean and it turns, tippy but not at all scary. My wife loved it and I couldn't be more happy. I'll actually get some experience with a stripper! (Kayak that is) All in all it was a good festival in spite of my physical state of being. We both learned a lot and met a lot of nice people which is what it's all about anyway. You guys in Texas have a great festival, The Viginia contingent will be there next year with a new shearwater that'll knock your socks off. Have fun and post some pictures!!-Joey

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