Re: Rubrails on Shearwate

Posted by LeeG on Apr 22, 2006

I hear that epoxy stuff works for glueing things. So hear's what you do,,finish the whole boat,,deck/hull glassed/almost finished sanding. Then round over/sand the rubrails. Mask a strip for the rub rail to be glued. Glue them on using everything in the shop, bicycle tubes, long bar clamps, straps, whatever to hold them on. When it's all glued finish sanding so as to take off the mess and shmears of epoxy that spread around. I hate to say this as it's obvious you want nice rubrails but the side of the hull where the deck glass overlaps the hull glass is tougher and harder than the "rubrail" that is sitting on top of it. You're adding a cosmetic feature and not a functional one. Which is perfectly ok,,that's why you want to do about 2/3 of the finish work on the rub rails before they go on the kayak so you don't risk cutting into the deck/hull with a plane or sanding block. It's easy to not notice what one part of the sanding block or plane is doing while you're focusing on another. On a couple kayaks I kept forgetting to put down a protective strip of tape on the bottom of the jig saw or on the deck and ended up making a little line around the hatch hole. That's why suggest doing as much of the rounding over of the rub rail off the kayak before you glue it on.

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