It's Happening!!!!!

Posted by John Short on Apr 21, 2006

Oh man, am I scared!!! Opened my first containers of epoxy, unwrapped my first roll of FG tape and have my first set of planks layed out for the butt joint job. I mixed 2 squirts each of the goo and it was WAY too much for just 4 planks, will do the other 12 next time with same amount. I did just happen to have 12 squares of sanded and prepped oak that I am making coasters out of that got the left overs, so I did take some of your suggestions; have some other projects lined up at epoxy mix time!!! Thanks Kurt!!! Anyway, will try to get some pic's w2hen I get these 3 canoes stitched together. It was just gonna be 2, one for me and the baby-doll, but I have enough wood to make her brother one as well; he will love it!!! We will see what has transpired in the AM! Got me fingers crossed!!!

On another note, I do want a kayak in a BAD way, but them Skerry's sure look sweet and I bet I could row out to some great fishing in the Gulf on nice days!



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