Re: Skerry assembly issue

Posted by CLC on Apr 21, 2006

>>When stitching the first (No. 1) panels to the sole, I get a 1/4 inch gap at the base of the bow and stern.>>>>>>

I'm having a little bit of difficulty visualizing exactly what's happening here. The geometry of the 1/4-inch #1 panels meeting the 3/8" bottom panel will result in a little bit of a gap at the bow and stern; it may be a quarter-inch. When you apply epoxy fillets in the interior it will fill and disappear. Don't forget, you'll also grind off at least a quarter-inch (or more) of the stem and stern prior to fiberglassing the exterior so any "stairstepping" or length issues tend to get resolved at that point.

A "Build Your Own Skerry" class starts here on Monday---using the exact same parts---so you can follow along on the ShopCam all week...

In this photo you can see what will happen to any small gaps at the stems:


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