Re: Surface Contamination

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 19, 2006

I once applied a "top coat" of 'poxy to my Cormorant under an oped-sided carport during a heavy rain. I'd gotten away with this before, albeit in lighter precips, but suddenly...

I ended up with a coat that looked okay, but that turned milky white whenever it got wet. And these kayak thingies tend to get wet occasionally. Pretty silly way to finish out a boat, y' know?

I never did get it all sanded off, and what you see in the photo below is a direct result of my little boo-boo. (photo taken during this winter's overhaul, where a new recessed cockpit was added). Oh well, if that's the worst problem I have today, I'm in pretty good shape all things considered.

CLC is right, you have to really ask for it to encounter problems with moisture. But leave it to me to push the envelope...

Cheers, Kurt

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