Random thought

Posted by Tim on Apr 19, 2006

Hey. Forgot to post this earlier but here is a great way to conserve leftover epoxy and get more mileage from the fallout. Have several other projects going at the same time you are working on the boat. I have built a pair of cradles to haul my beauty on top of the car, thanks to Ross Leidy at www.blueheronkayaks.com, started a strip build kayak, as well as tuned up my canoe paddles. Great place to use up those scraps of cloth also. Another method is to mix in a little filler material, wood flour/cabosil/resin dust? and start jamming it into the stem ends to ease up on the resin use when it comes time to do those pesky end pours! It's amaxing the things/repairs you can make with epoxy! My two cents worth.

Peace out..................



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