Posted by Tim on Apr 18, 2006

Hey there! Well the WR18 project is trudging along. I have however encountered a slight problem. I was putting on my last, or so I thought, fill coat on the outer hull, just as I got almost done it started to thunderstorm. I am working in the garage with the doors closed, my epoxy went bisirk. I got several areas, over the areas which I had finished coating that started to pull away, fish-eye, I guess you could call it. Could it be the moisture/humidity in the air prior to the t-storm? It was fairly dry and windy prior to this. this is the third coat and all others went ok. Oh well, will just have to let it dry and see if it smooths out I guess. Any thoughts as to why this happened. The garage is clean, vacumed, no solvents are being used anywhere...........



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