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Posted by Charlie Jones on Apr 18, 2006

Gloss varnish, there's absolutely nothing in there to stir. Or shake. If anything has settled out, take the can back and get another. Gloss varnish needs no stirring, unlike semi gloss or satin, which both have additives to break up the gloss, thereby giving you the other look. THOSE do need stirring cause if you let them sit long enough you have a can of glass with the additives on the bottom.

Gloss varnish should be the same clarity right to the bottom of the can, just as it's opened. It'll have the color, but no cloudiness.

Now if you thin it slightly which you usually must do in hotter weather or for first coats, THEN it needs some stirring.

Also- NEVER varnish from the can- ALWAYS pour some off into another container and varnish from that. And DON'T pour any left overs back into the can. Use them for the next coat ( cap the container) or pitch it. It'll just contaminate your remaining varnish.

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