Re: Band Saw

Posted by Robert on Apr 18, 2006

There are two features of a bandsaw that really affect performance - motor and blade guides. If you are not planning to resaw, motor power is really not an issue. Most low cost bandsaw blade guides consist of metal blocks that press on the sides of the blades and a bearing the blade presses against the face of. About the best improvement you can make to these is to install "cool blocks" which are phenolic replacements for the metal blocks where you can adjust these snug to the blade - otherwise the gap you must leave for metal blocks make for too much blade movement.

Better bandsaws (like my Jet) can come with "Carter" blade guides which have three bearings - all pressing on the blade with the face of the bearing. There is no comparison in the quality of the cut with these blade guides and those available on low cost bandsaws.

In Response to: Band Saw by M Davis on Apr 13, 2006



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