Re: Stirring Varnish?

Posted by John F on Apr 18, 2006

Start with 3M WETORDRY SANDPAPER; I like 220 for sanding the epoxy. Cut or tear the sheet in half then fold three ply like a letter. Fill a bucket or deep pan full of warm water; wet the paper nd slop some water on your surface, don`t have to flood it but a liberal amount of water keeps it lubricated. Every minute or so of sanding, rinse out your paper in the bucket. You will soon see/feel the paper wearing out, change sides of sandpaper, don`t try to save money by using the worn out paper; time is money. Your fingers may wear thin, so maybe some adhesive tape on your fingers will prevent bleeding. Not that common, if you do this for a while your skin will tuffen up. You will soon see how the water will glisten on the sanded surface and show you where you need to sand more. Once you get the hang of it you can apply for a job in an auto body shop, sanding cars for painting!!! More water is better than less. Enjoy!! It is amzing how good it will look.

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