Re: Stirring Varnish?

Posted by Mac on Apr 18, 2006

I do a light pass with wet 320 or 400 between each coat just to knock off any dust and show up any sags or runs. These I attack immediately with furniture scrapers. They are much harder to deal with after many coats of cured varnish. Also, a light sanding helps you see where the heck you are as you apply the next coat. Remember to wipe down with a wet rag and dry with a paper towel. Don't use tack rags - too risky for leaving wax behind.

Another hint for the final (my final is the next one that looks good after coat 4) coat, After wet sanding and wiping down and drying your boat, vacuume and then spray water all around the floor where you'll dance about while applying the varnish. It's amazing how much dust you lick up, and the water helps control this.

Good luck.


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