Re: Stirring Varnish?

Posted by Peter on Apr 17, 2006

Good question! I was wondering kind of the same thing. I just did a trial first coat of Scooner varnish on the daggerboard of my Passagemaker dinghy. It got tacky rather quicky (45 minutes) so I think it will dry o.k. But I just noticed on the Interlux web page that they say to stir, and not to shake the can. I shook it. I hope that is just to avoid bubbles, and not something more serious. So far, it looks o.k.- but then, my garage temp is about 78 degrees right now ( it got up in the 80s here in Alabama today).

Wooden Boat Sailor

In Response to: Stirring Varnish? by Darryl on Apr 17, 2006



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