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Posted by don on Apr 17, 2006


Looks like we are moving in parallel here. I just did the first two coats over fiberglass on the first ama this past weekend. I was hoping to get in three without sanding but a temperature drop and the family intruded on that plan...That's ok, with a little sanding of the second coat, the final coat won't be as thick. I did end up with a few runs after being careful to you scrape away all excess epoxy (thank yoiu credit card companies for sending me all the free plastic scrapers in your offers.... These few runs , I'm sure will clean up quickly with a carbide scraper and a little sanding.

On to the next one...

PS: Have you done your aka's yet? I'm just getting around to building the mold (from the plans)now. Any pics of your rudder yet?

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