Re: Gluing down decks

Posted by Tim on Apr 16, 2006

Great idea! I plan to go nailess on the deck panel attachment using the string/cord method so this will aid in that effort as well. Always is best to be a little retentive and wind up with a gorgeous project! I am slowly working my way to this point as well. I do have a question regarding glassing the deck. The instructions have you applying fill coats to the outer hull prior to and after glassing the interior. On the WR18 model that is. Then you go on to attaching the deck and glassing it with a 1" or whatever overlap onto the exterior hull. Could a person do all the fill coats to the exterior after the deck glass is on, rather then as instructed? Would it make any difference? I am just curious if there would be any dis-advantages or ad-vantages to going this route. Less weight? Sorry for being long winded! Peace out!

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