Re: Gluing down decks

Posted by LeeG on Apr 16, 2006

Here's what I did:

1. make sure all the soft sheerclamp cypress is well sealed with unthickened epoxy. Brush around the tops and sides of the sheerclamps a few times, then come back to wipe up any drips from that. Wipe down the tops of the planed sheeclamps so there isn't any wet standing epoxy.

2. made up a thickened batch of epoxy that's fillet thick,,not mustard thick. You need some gap filling anyway for the mismatch that invariably happens near the cockpit area. Brush it even a little less than a 1mm thick across the top of the sheerclamp.

3. put the deck on. Don't bother flipping over. There will be a little bead of epoxy squished on the inside but there isn't thin enough or thick enough to drip down the sheerclamps.

In Response to: Gluing down decks by Chris J. on Apr 15, 2006



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