Got THAT right *grin*

Posted by Charlie Jones on Apr 14, 2006

Right now she already has all the charts for the gulf coast down loaded onto the laptop, and we have charts all over the living room. She's got it all figured as to how to down load waypoints to the GPS's ( we have two aboard) and is planning provisions.

She's been working hard getting the boat all in tip top shape, touching up brightwork, doing stuff inside, etc.

She's REALLY up for this cruise and I'm NOT gonna blow it for her.

Plan is to head out close hauled ( ESE) till we get past the 100 fathom line, then turn east or ENE - that gets us outside the Mississippi delta. Once past there we can come more NE to P'cola. Works out to about 650 miles on the outside. Figure 6 days underway.

By the way- when you get down here- we live 5 blocks from the beach where the Messabout will be held.

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