Re: If you are gonna buy

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 14, 2006

Charlie means well, bless his heart, but hey... any bandsaw is better than no bandsaw in my little world. But I'll agree with him in a big way when he says to avoid the three-wheelers.

I bought an 8-inch Delta many years ago, and got great use out of it. In fact, I still use it a bit even though I have a much larger and nicer one. I also highly recommend a stationary belt sander, like the Delta 4x36 with 6" disc, about $90. These two tools started my shop, and both are still in use although superceded by beefier units.

Charlie, you comin' to the Bash?

Texas Kayak Builders Bash 2006

In Response to: If you are gonna buy by Charlie Jones on Apr 14, 2006



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