If you are gonna buy

Posted by Charlie Jones on Apr 14, 2006

a band saw, get one of the two wheel ones, and get at LEAST a 12 inch one. The three wheel saws in most cases just don't have the "oomph" and you'll be disppointed down the road. Plus the blade selection is limited for those.

In boat work the band saw gets more use than a table saw does in most cases, and the larger the better. I have two in my shop- an OLD Craftsman 12 incher with a cast iron table and a equally old Rockwell 14 inch combination metal/wood saw. My band saws get huge amounts of use.

I'd get the largest one I could afford and had room for. I'd also steer well clear of any band saw that had a corrugated table- they are the most annoying thing I've ever tried to use. Little scraps can catch in the grooves and will mess up a cut for you eventually. If storage is a problem put it on wheels.

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