Downdraft sanding table

Posted by jeffrey wong on Apr 14, 2006

For Loren (who posted the only msg discussing subject) or anybody else has used a Downdraft sanding table.

What minimum size has worked for kayaks?

I've surfed & found the Rockler kit/plans ($221) which includes pre-wired motor; fan; custom air hood; pre-wired switch; finger guard; mounting bracket; two 3" casters; and Rocklerís Anti-Slip coating. A plan for construction of the table using wood from your shop/home improvement store. Only dust keeps me from starting my 3rd and 4th boats.

Why not the Rockler? It's another KIT!!! But then if someone gives me a 2000 cfm motor cum blower I'd DIM (do it myself) as seen at the following link

diy downdraft table


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