Re: Choosing a Mill Creek

Posted by dave on Feb 18, 2006

Ryan, I'm getting anxious to get our MC16.5 in the Colorado high country waters but zero temps will put that off until maybe the end of March. So nobody asked me but . . . That big cockpit is great for fishing paddling solo and it will handle two adults plus ? Speed? Who are you racing? It moves well enough solo and two paddlers can move it out. Turns good once one(or two) has it puzzled out. Backs good and will turn in almost its own length. But if you want to bump and thump small, loggy, rocky creeks and rivers, your tupperware is the way to go. Oh did I mention the 6 foot plus and 200lb plus factor (sounds like we're of a size). On a family outing on an Ohio small river, when I tried out my nephew's whitewater kayak, I was only good for one leg (he's muscular but on the small side) so had to go to my hefty brother-in-law's bigger model. No such problem with the MC 16.5. I'm in my seventh decade but can still hump it to the roof and wheel (a bear to carry alone though) it over big rocks to the water. Guess I'll trailer it when the Dave power fails. Maybe the craft would suit some of your projected missions and maybe not. Sure like my (our) ride though. Dave

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