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Posted by CLC on Feb 17, 2006

I've scanned through all of the responses about the Mill Creek 15 and find little if anything I disagree with.

I was present at the creation of that boat, a Kulczycki design. The intention of the Mill Creek 15 was to be a non-folding version of a Klepper Single that Chris Kulczycki owned and that everyone around the shop enjoyed paddling.

We sold literally hundreds of the Mill Creek 15's but my personal opinion is that the Mill Creek 13 does many of the same things better. The Mill Creek 15 has the stability of a more traditional narrow sea kayak (and is just as fast) but the cockpit of a recreational kayak. For some people this was exactly what was wanted. In the event, the 15 was becoming overshadowed by the 13's surprising ability to combine speed (compared to most rec boats) with comfort and stability. We'll probably always offer the 15 to plans builders.

The 13 remains a perennial bestseller.

Mill Creek

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