Re: Choosing a Mill Creek

Posted by Ryan on Feb 17, 2006

Thanks for the response I was starting to wonder if anyone had actually built this boat or not. After reading some posts here and some reviews on another web site I have been thinking of building a Chesapeake 17 instead. From what I have been told it feels more stable and turns easier. Then again I don’t know how many people have paddled a MC 15. I will be using my kayak on some small rivers and streams as well as lakes. My original thought was that a shorter boat would work better on smaller water, but if the CH 17 were easier to handle then maybe it would be better. The other thing I like about the MC 15 is that the cockpit is so large that I would have room to fit a child as a passenger. The draw back is that in rough weather it would take on a lot of water. In a perfect world I would just build both. The more I look into it there are things I think I would like about both. Maybe someday I will, but right now what I need is a boat for one that will accommodate the different waters I want to paddle. Since you have an MC 15 I am hoping you can give me some input on its performance. I know you addressed this issue some in your first post, but I was wondering if you had paddled any other kayaks and if you could compare.

Thanks, Ryan

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