shear clamps

Posted by tim on Feb 16, 2006

just being cautious and asking lots of questions. I am sure if i dug a little more through past posts i may find the answer to many of my questions. But, I have a problem with sometimes being lazy as well as anal retentive. So, sorry for that.

I am at a point of bonding my sheer clamps. now as i read the WR18 manual they want you to hold back the clamps at the bow and stearn. Why?

Can I go ahead and heed the stich and glue construction manual. There, the clamps are ran the full lentgth and then beval cut. Much cleaner for us anal retentive types. I don't have a problem with the extra work if that is all it is about.

Opinions are requested....

Also, soon after that process i will then be starting to stitch. I comprehend that process just fine. Somewhere I had read that it is advisable to sligthly beval/round over the inside edges of the adjoining panels to help with allignment. Good idea? Not needed?

Again, just being cautious. (Ok, anal!)

Thanks to all replies..........



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