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Posted by Robert on Feb 15, 2006

I guess I am one of the few people to build the Mill Creek 15. I bought it for the advantages of the open cockpit (access to stuff and fishing) and the ease of paddling a narrower boat.

I built my own rudder setup (internal mechanism, detachable rudder) but find the boat tracks and handles well without it. I have paddled distance on lakes and bays, in the surf at the beach, and in pretty big breakers in the Ocean City, MD inlet. I also took it down a river but will not do that again - rocks and such. After about 5 minutes, this boat does not feel tippy at all. My wife and I can climb into the boat without paddle floats easily.

Being that I live fairly close to CLC, I have paddled all three at Okumefest. The MC16.5 is a pretty big boat for one person paddling. The MC13 felt pretty slow compared to the MC15. I found the MC15 to have the best qualities of all three – stability, speed, and plenty of room for one.

I did modify the plans some and enlarge the cockpit fore and aft. If I did it again, I would only lengthen the back of the cockpit 6 inches - this makes a handy place to keep a cooler for drinks and fish I catch.

By the way, you can see my boat on the CLC website in the Mill Creek photo gallery - look for the natural finished one with the “eyes” on the bow (solid wood overlay).

Final note, the MC15 is not sold as a kit anymore - but I understand you can buy plans.

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