Hatch Cover Gap

Posted by Brett on Feb 15, 2006

Hi everyone. Its been a couple of months since I've hit the forums to read and post. My CLC double is progressing nicely, almost ready for varnish....pics coming soon - im building the website now. I already have a trip booked (The Bowron Lakes Circuit in BC) in June, so I have a timeline I must complete by. Already been 18 months in the making. Anyway I just built my hatch covers by glueing to the frames. I did a test fit after the glue had dried and found my hatch cover doesn't quite curve as much as the deck. With the hatch cover in place their is about 3/8-1/2" of a gap on either side of the hatch cover between the cover and the deck. Is this normal? Will this gap be taken up with the foam padding?

Thanks Brett BC, Canada



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