Re: Onlay printed graphic

Posted by Gober on Feb 13, 2006

Hey there Paul,

You may want to take a look at some decal paper. I donít know how big of a design you are looking for. I used decal paper on my boat and it worked great. Testors makes it and I picked it up at a Hobby Lobby store. A package was less than 5 bucks (TXDL, thatís Texas Dollars if you live north of the Red River). I wouldn't sand the place your gonna stick it, you'll want a smooth slick surface. I glassed over mine but you may be able to just varnish over it. I would test it first. This stuff is clear, if you use rice paper you'll have to wet it until it turns clear. You can run it through your inkjet. Itís the same stuff you put on model cars as a kid.

See the webpage for some examples. All the writing was done with decal paper.


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