Deck curvature question

Posted by Joe Oliver on Feb 11, 2006

I'm about ready to install the front deck and I've planed the shear to the correct curvature but when I do a dry run with the installation I see a flat spot near the bow. The reason is that even though the port/starboard radius is correct, the fore/aft is not a strait line. Since the bow has a slight curve upwards, the constant radius causes a flat spot near the bow.

Is this normal? I'm wondering if I should add some additional cross members near the bow so the deck will take a constant curve over the whole distance or remove the raking of the bow.

I don't plan to install any hatches so the long deck won't have obstructions. I put hatches on my LT17 and have been dissapointed ever since. I use the boat at my house and always return to the dock so I don't need the storage. I'm thinking a small stainless drainplug like a sunfish uses will be sufficient to drain any trapped water or moisture.

Any suggestions or comments? Joe Oliver



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