Re: Oops!

Posted by CLC on Feb 11, 2006

Depends upon what you've glued (or not glued, as the case may be). What you have will cure eventually if enough heat is applied but it'd be preferable to back up a step.

If you've glued, say, scarfs, and they still come apart with some gentle tugging (and help with a hair dryer) go ahead and take them apart. It's easy to clean up the bad glue; just reglue them and proceed on your way. If the scarfs (presuming this is what you've glued) stay together, then apply heat (I suggest a 75-watt lightbulb) and let it cook for 24-48 hours.

There really isn't anything you can't back out of with this construction method.

In Response to: Oops! by Tim on Feb 11, 2006



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