Re: Wire

Posted by Dave Houser on Feb 10, 2006

The wire only needs to hold the panels aligned until cured epoxy holds the panels together. The final structural strength is from the epoxy, fillets and glass and not the wire.

I apply a small bead of epoxy between the wires let it cure then remove the wires and then fillet and glass tape. This process is usually call tabbing.

After running short on copper wire one night I use some annealed iron wire I had on hand knowing I was going to remove it anyway. Copper is a lot easier to work with.

Wires can also be removed after being burried in epoxy by heating the wire while pulling on the other end with pliers.

Some builders have used plastic zip ties in lieu of wires but they require larger holes.

I suggest you cover the outside of the seam and holes with masking tape when you fillet the inside. It will eliminate epoxy drips from forming on the outside and also minimize epoxy wetting on the outside that will show if you plan to leave the hull with a natural finish.

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