Passagemaker varnish?

Posted by Peter on Feb 10, 2006

I am inching nearer to the stage when I'll be varnishing and painting my Passagemaker (though it's still a few weeks off.) But the CLC offer on free shipping for supplies has me thinking about ordering my finish supplies. However, I am still uncertain about the paint/varnish budget for a Passagemaker. The CLC page suggests 2 qts of paint and 2 qts of varnish for a painted hull and bright interior finish. (Along with 1 qt primer) This sounds a little low for me- especially for a planned 5 or 6 coats of varnish. Any skerry owners with experience wish to address this? Or better yet, are there any Passagemaker-makers out there who have finished their boats? (Near as I can tell, I am the only Passagemaker builder in the state of Alabama, and perhaps the southeast.) Also, what is the shelf life of paint and varnish? Is it worth it to get extra now for repairs/touchups in the future? Hope to hear your thoughts, so I can send my order off soon!

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