Re: Another option

Posted by Kyle T on Feb 8, 2006

I have this system on three kayaks now and several other builders (world wide) are using it.

I started out with another hold down system but in order to get enough tension on the bungee cords to seal the hatch I couldn't get my big hands in to install and remove the bungees. Necessity is the mother of invention so I developed the Moby Latches.

They work so well that I don't even give the hatches a seconds thought when Iím hauling the boats at 75 mph down the interstate. Opening or closing the hatches is done in 15 seconds with no fuss too. They donít leak and you can vary the tension on the bungees to hold the hatch as tight as you are comfortable.

I use 1/8 inch bungees. I tried ľ inch decided that was unnecessary and it made the hatch cover was too difficult to remove.


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